Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Interstate 90, Innerbelt Bridge

Cuyahoga County, Ohio

In early 2009, Ruhlin won a contract with ODOT to move the IR-90 Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland, Ohio. The bridge was to be moved four inches west to open up an expansion joint. The realignment of the ten million pound Innerbelt Bridge consisted of extensive planning, calculating and diligent effort by every team member. By realigning the bridge, it freed up an expansion joint at span two of the bridge that had been pushed shut by the Eastward movement of the bridge. The Innerbelt Bridge spans 5,078 ft. across the Cuyahoga River and consists of multiple cantilevered steel truss spans.

Project Details:
  • 525 linear feet span moved 4 inches
  • 90,000 lbs of temporary steel was fabricated to support realignment
  • Steel fabrication completed in 30 days
  • Job completed with no safety incidents
  • 26 sets of hydraulic jacks were used

Process to Move Bridge:
  • Vertically jack trusses up four inches
  • Install an 80” x 74” composite steel plate underneath the bolster
  • Lowered bridge
  • Attached jacks to move the bridge Westward
  • Jacks apply adequate pressure to move the 525 ft. bridge 4 inches
  • Vertically jacked bridge up to remove composite steel plates
  • Bridge lowered and new anchor bolts installed
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